The purpose of the conference is to unite stakeholders from the construction industry, government, academia, and civil society within a developing country context, with a particular emphasis on Ethiopia. The primary aim is to explore and harness the potential of resilient and sustainable infrastructure development. 

Through fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and strategic planning, the conference seeks to advocate for sustainable design and construction practices, resource efficiency, technological innovation, and financing mechanisms for sustainable infrastructure projects. Ultimately, the conference aims to generate concrete recommendations and action plans that will pave the way for a resilient built environment and contribute to the sustainable and prosperous future of Ethiopia. .  

Conference Format

The forthcoming conference will encompass a diverse range of activities, such as keynote addresses, plenary sessions, interactive panel discussions, technical sessions, workshops, excursions and opportunities for networking. In addition, it aims to display presentation of research papers, case studies and dissemination of best practices will be arranged furthermore, the conference will arrange on-site visits to demonstrate the resilience of local infrastructure projects in order to augment the conference experience.


The planned conference is designed with a particular focus on the following objectives:

To foster knowledge sharing and collaboration among stakeholders to enhance knowledge of resilient infrastructure development.

To examine interlinkages between infrastructure, sustainability, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

To identify key challenges and opportunities in building resilient infrastructure, particularly in vulnerable regions and developing economies.

To showcase successful case studies, innovative technologies, and best practices in resilient infrastructure planning, design, construction, and operation.

To promote cross-sectorial and interdisciplinary dialogue to address the complex nature of infrastructure resilience.

To discuss policy frameworks, financing mechanisms, and governance structures for resilient infrastructure development

To facilitate networking and partnerships among participants for future collaborations and knowledge exchange.

The conference 
Theme  | Sub-theme

The scope of this conference is defined using the following sub-themes

Theme 1

Resilient Infrastructure 
Planning and Design

- ​Climate-resilient urban planning and design strategies.
 - Incorporating nature-based solutions in infrastructure development.
- Integrating resilience principles into infrastructure planning and design processes.
- Landscape design and green infrastructure
- Fire protection,
- Sustainable Building
- Rapid urbanisation / infrastructure demand

Theme 2

Smart Infrastructure and Digitization for Enhanced Resilience

- Sustainable construction practice for resilient infrastructure
- Advanced materials and construction techniques/methods for resilient infrastructure.
- Technology & Innovations for Resilient Infrastructure (Remote sensing, smart city…)

- Big Data (Collection, modeling, visualization, data analytics & decision-making)

Theme 3
Infrastructure Management

· Asset management of infrastructures 

· Multi-hazard risk assessment and management for infrastructure projects. 

· Capacity building and institutional strengthening for infrastructure resilience. 

· Community engagement and social resilience

Theme 4

Project Delivery Methods for Resilient Infrastructure Investment

- Sustainable financing mechanisms and innovative funding models. 

- Policy frameworks and regulatory approaches for resilient infrastructure.

- Developing partnerships between private, government & civil society to promote sustainable development

- System development and governance

Conference organizers

Team of professionals from EiABC and BUW are responsible in organizing the conference. This team is  led by Dr. Asregidew Kassa (EiABC) and Prof. Bargstadt (BUW). There is conference Chair and  four committees for technical, logistics, sponsorship and finance, and Publicity and Marketing.

Conferance Committee Name  Roles and Responsibilities Instituion
Ass. Prof. Asregidew Kassa Lead Conferance Organizer EiABC
Prof. Kumilachew Yeshitila  Member EiABC
Conference Chair /Coordinator Prof. Dr.Ing. Hans Joachim Bargstadt Member BUW 
Vertr.-Prof. Sven Schneider  Member BUW 
Philippe Schmidt  Member BUW 
Muluken Tilahun  Member EiABC & BUW
Wondwossen Taddese  Member EiABC & BUW
Assoc. Prof. Denamo Addissie Team Leader EiABC
Dr. Wubishet Jekale   Member EiABC
Technical and Program Dr. Asgedom Haile  Member EiABC
Tesfaye Hailu  Member EiABC & BUW
Dr. Tadesse Ayalew   Team Leader EiABC
Sponsorship & Finance Muluken Awlachew  Member EiABC
Metadel Sileshi Member BUW
Israel Tesfu Team Leader EiABC
Logistics Darik Zebenigus  Member EiABC
Lina Nuru Team Leader EiABC
Publicity and Marketing Commitee Eminet Muluneh Member EiABC

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